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Abakus provides marketing effectiveness software that transforms the way brands evaluate, plan and optimize marketing activity.


We provide a unique approach to attribution

Built from Economic Game Theory, Abakus’ patented computation engine evaluates the true marginal value of all players in a marketing campaign. It is the only approach to evaluate all combinations and all possible orders of marketing players, such as channel, provider, creative message and any other paid, earned or owned marketing touch point.


Abakus is able to provide a speed to ROI that is unmatched

Based on transparent and actionable attribution results, Abakus Planning provides holistic recommendations for the allocation and selection of providers and tactics, both across and within media channels.

Abakus Optimization provides real-time bidding platforms with the true value of marketing elements, such as individual search keywords and display ad units that directly results in improved marketing ROI.


Abakus is:

Mathematically proven methodology; 100% log-based = no discrepancies

Players are allocated a value based on their marginal contribution to a conversion

All external marketing activity is taken into account by the baseline

Effectively understand exactly why a player is working or not working

Real-time, automated recommendations allow for immediate campaign optimization

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