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Data Provider | Brand Safety

Smart Data for Brand Planning and Targeting

ADmantX is a smart data provider that facilitates advanced brand planning and targeting within the digital advertising industry. Our advanced technology analyses content in the same way the human brain does, picking up on the subtle changes of context, emotions, and sentiment other mechanisms miss.

Our patented semantic Natural Language Processing technology draws on over 20 years of data science expertise allowing us to identify the correct meaning of words in context (apple: fruit? company? The Big Apple?) By extracting precise, contextual data in real time, ad placements and content can be perfectly matched, protecting brand reputation and allowing customer profiles to be created.

Scalable, multilingual, accurate, and customizable—our solutions make intelligent advertising possible!


Which apple are you looking for?

                             Taking the guesswork out of your online ads!


Advanced Contextual Targeting

Contextualization Data Like Never Before

Discover the true meaning of any web or social media content in real time for smarter, cookie-less targeting and engaging communication. For real results, you need more than a basic “keyword

search” solution for your context selection. We offer you page context analysis with unique data features and unrivaled accuracy at scale, in 21 languages.

vertical sector categories, seasonal categories, custom categories in 1 day, 900+ content categories (Iab compliant), entities extraction, white/black list site categorization support.


Intelligent Brand Safety

True Understanding = True Protection

Don’t put your brand at risk by relying only on whitelist management and ineffective keywords solutions. Use our intelligent brand safety service to identify questionable web page content that could damage your brand’s reputation before ads are placed.

9 horizontal brand safety categories, 65 vertical sector brand safety categories, illegal streaming and downloading banning solution, pre and post bid blocking solutions.

Emotional and Sentiment Targeting

Capturing Consumers’ Frame of Mind

Identify the emotions and sentiment in content to increase the effectiveness of your ads. Make your brand values resonate in the most appropriate emotional context for incredible

engagement results.


First-Party Advanced Profiling

Discover What Interests Your Audience

Make the most of your first-party data by understanding your audience’s interests and their propensity to interact with your message and offer. Using our unique semantic analysis and

behavioral data science modeling, we uncover the valuable insights hidden in your data and we create your unique audience profiles for unmatched communication and selling results.


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