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Affinity Answers

Data Provider

Affinity Answers helps you extend any audience segment by leveraging brand affinity. Our proven method for extending display, video or mobile inventory creates bigger audiences and helps brands reach more potential customers. 

We do this through our deep understand of consumers' social affinities. People's online pursuits and interests are direct extensions of what they enjoy in life. At Affinity Answers, we have spent years learning to interpret the intricacies of these consumer affinities to entertainment for hundreds of millions of social media users. 
Our offering empowers entertainment marketers to use social affinities to get the answers they need for building their brands.

Founded under the name Colligent in 2005, Affinity Answers is dedicated to helping you capture a scalable, engaged audience before they are ready to take a brand action. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with R&D operations in India.