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Aggregate Knowledge

Data Provider

About Us

Aggregate Knowledge (AK) is the only media intelligence company that offers advertisers and agencies an exact science to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform. AK's patented media intelligence platform (MIP) is the only data management solution that combines both media and audience data, enabling marketers to most effectively allocate media dollars, resulting in increased reach, higher sales and dramatically improved media spend efficiency.

AK Benefits

A leader in the media intelligence space, AK solves the problem of siloed data to provide a unified dataset for actionable insights. Today's marketers lack the visibility and transparency needed to ensure that their cross channel, cross medium campaign spend is meeting their goals. By bringing audience and media data together onto one platform, AK helps marketers get information in real time, making it actionable so that they can efficiently drive greater reach and drive more sales.

How We're Different

  • Combine both media and audience data together with real-time predictive analytics.
  • Track performance across all digital mediums and channels, including Facebook, in a single view.
  • Offer complete customer touch point tracking from first touch to last touch (MTA).

Office Locations

  • California
  • California
  • 2121 S. El Camino Real
  • 11th Floor
  • San Mateo, CA
  • 94403
  • United States