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Data Provider

ALC Digital Audiences:  Real World Data for an Online World

At ALC, we build our audiences from the ground up, starting with verified names and postal addresses, layered with actual individual attributes and validated by independent consultants for unparalleled precision and scale in digital audience targeting. 

Our targeted audiences include: 

  • ALC B2B – Deep & Broad Access to Business Decision Makers
  • Wealth Window – Top 1% of Consumers Based on Possessions, Positions & Passions
  • ALC MD+ -Comprehensive Coverage of Healthcare Providers with Unparalleled Selectivity
  • Newborn Network – New & Expecting Parents with a Multitude of Needs
  • ALC Auto+ - Automobile, Boat & Motorcycle Owners
  • Wealth, Influence & Power – Access to America’s Movers & Shakers

Available exclusively from ALC, the leader in responsive data for over 30 years.

ALC is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. To learn more, please visit:

Office Locations

  • ALC
  • ALC
  • 750 College Road East
  • Suite 201
  • Address 2
  • Princeton
  • 08540
  • United States