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Brand Safety | Creative Visibility

verification is key to determining a campaigns compliance and potential to sucCeed.

batch offers a variety of customized solutions fitted to your needs regarding brand safety, viewability, ad verification.


Our in-house firstTAG technology is the product of an extensive development process. We offer clients comprehensive audits on their ad placements/ campaigns. This includes the quality, type and compliance of ad environments, as well as data on the visibility and view duration of clients' campaigns.

Our visibility tool firstTAG visibilityPLUS not only measures visibility rates for the standard threshold 50/1, but also determines visibility data for an infinite number of threshold combinations, for current and past campaigns. 

firstTAG Blocking is designed to give clients the certainty of a brand safe campaign distribution, in accordance with their individual brand's identity, thus limiting ad spend to were your Euros (or Pounds, or Dollars) may make the greatest impact.



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