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Blasting News


Blasting News is the largest global social news platform. Launched in mid-2013, is now active in 34 countries and engaging with a fast growing audience of 45+ million monthly readers (monthly unique visitors), target at 100 million monthly readers by December 2016, thanks to 15,000 original articles published each month by 650,000+ blasters. 

Blasting News has been selected and funded by Google Innovation Fund (DNI) to revolutionize digital information in Europe. Look at more info: 

Thanks to its innovative business model and extraordinary results, Blasting News has won the prestigious INSEAD Entrepreneurship competition, awarded by leading investors, entrepreneurs and INSEAD professors (INSEAD is the top business school in the world, according to the Financial Time global ranking). Moreover, Blasting News has been featured by the global press, including Forbes, Wired and Hot Topics. 

From a broader standpoint, Blasting News is based on the principles of the sharing economy: a fully independent technological institution connecting writers, content and audience in a professional magazine powered by hundreds of thousands of people called Blasters. Blasting News’ mission is to establish the leading global independent news magazine fueled and curated by the crowd. We operate without any central newsroom or Editor-in-Chief, thanks to an extensive use of technology, therefore contributing to forming truly independent public opinion, giving everybody the opportunity to post high-quality, original news in a professional magazine.