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Connexity (Data as a Service)

Data Provider

Connexity (formerly Shopzilla) data is now available in T1!  We bring 100+ premium online shopping segments to all MediaMath clients, and can be found by going to the Targeting tab, clicking on BlueKai, and then clicking on Connexity.


With the premier holiday shopping season upon us, look to an expert in shopping like Connexity to help drive your holiday audience targeting.  Engaging deep funnel holiday shoppers is a key to success, and Connexity provides access to these high intent consumers at scale.


To connect with our data experts for questions or audience ideas, either e-mail us at or fill out the Contact Partner box below.



The Connexity Team




Connexity (formerly Shopzilla) helps marketers find, get, and keep customers.  The company operates one of the world’s largest retail marketplaces, with over 175MM product listings indexed and published for online shopping across the globe.  Connexity is 2nd only to Google in the volume of product listing leads and data generated in the US, and its data is 90% unique to comparable shopping data in the marketplace.  With 15+ years of e-commerce leadership, shopping and data are our DNA.


100% of Connexity data is sourced online from the e-commerce path to purchase.  As consumers engage with product listings in our e-commerce ecosystem, whether on our owned and operated sites (Bizrate, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, etc.) or via our CPC marketplace platform, we capture high intent shopping data points deep in the buying cycle.  We know a lot about what consumers are shopping for online, including the categories they shop in, the brands they shop for, and the stores they shop at.


Connexity offers audiences to drive performance and reach across the following segment types:


  • CNX In-Market
    • Active online shoppers in all major retail verticals and select CPG verticals
  • CNX Lifestyle
    • Consumers with consistent shopping behavior that reflect a type of lifestyle:  Household CEOs, DIYers, Fashionistas, Early Tech Adopters, etc.
  • CNX Life Stage
    • Personas identified by combining shopping and declared demographic data:  College Millennials, Getting Married, New Parents, etc.
  • CNX Seasonal
    • Ready-to-buy audiences for your promotional calendar:  Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Back-To-School, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.
  • CNX Shopper Type
    • Audiences based upon price preferences and shopping patterns:  Deal Seekers, Luxury Shoppers, Online Buyers, etc.

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