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Our Solution for sellers

Converge-Digital is Ireland's first indigenous ad tech company designed to combat many of today's current ad tech failings by providing publishers with a programmatic ad server.

The platform provides a boutique service to a small number of publishers who wish to combine both direct sold and programmatic demand into a single bid stream, automating the process of serving campaigns between typically disparate sales channels.

Our platform is omni-channel meaning publishers can centralise and monetise of all demand through one holistic platform that seamlessly integrates across all major DSPs.

Our Solution for buyers

Disgruntled by the level of service provided by current ad tech players to resolve issues, Converge-Digital offers buyers Transparency, Flexibility, and Collaboration to execute their media buying strategy and ensure clients KPIs are exceeded.

Office Locations

  • Convere-Digital
  • Convere-Digital
  • 15 Windsor Place
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Dublin
  • Dublin 2
  • Ireland