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Cross Pixel

Data Provider

Cross Pixel is the leading provider of high-performance audience data and information for the real-time advertising industry. Cross Pixel is the only fully transparent audience marketplace and the only provider who builds truly customized and dynamic audiences with their proprietary tool, Audience Calculator. 

Cross Pixel has partnerships with hundreds of leading ecommerce, transactional and information websites, enabling them to harvest over 4.8 billion data points per month on 300 million active web surfers. The platform includes audiences across the entire purchase funnel, including the research, consideration and buying phases.

Audience Calculator is Cross Pixel’s exclusive audience building tool that enables an advertiser to create dynamic, custom audiences based on the unique online behaviors of their target customers. With Audience Calculator, gain insight into the browsing behaviors that are most relevant to your brand, build a target audience using those insights and optimize your audience in real-time based on actual campaign performance. The technology simplifies the process of creating complex audiences that are unique to each advertiser and is moving the real-time advertising industry beyond static, undifferentiated audience segments. Audience Calculator improves the performance of audience targeting by scoring the online actions of each individual user.

Cross Pixel is fully committed to data quality, performance and transparency.

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