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Genesis Media

Video | Premium Publisher | Automated Guaranteed | Media Quality Valuation


High viewability, high completion, out-stream and in-stream video

Genesis Media is a predictive analytics platform rooted in data science that creates high quality, viewable video formats for advertisers. We have proprietary, one-of-a-kind data sets and the unique luxury of sitting on each page of every publisher in our network. Because of this distinct position, we’re able to find clusters of consumer attention and provide the most viewable in-market solution.

Genesis provides a variety of buying options, including guaranteed setups across major content channels and audience targets, and non-guaranteed inventory to target against. Genesis offers out-stream, in-stream, and blended inventory (out-stream + in-stream).

Office Locations

  • GenesisMedia LLC
  • GenesisMedia LLC
  • 49 West 27th Street
  • Mezzanine West
  • Address 2
  • New York
  • 10001
  • United States