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Grapeshot Contextual Keyword Audiences

Grapeshot Keywords is a contextual audience-targeting tool, unique to Grapeshot on Mediamath. We offer valuable audiences derived from the content users have interacted with. 

Grapeshot offers a wide range of audience segments. Each audience segment is derived by scanning the page read and identifying the keywords that signify the content of the page. Every time a user within MediaMath's database reads any content related to that audience segment, that user is allocated to an audience segment derived from the keywords.

Grapeshot keywords enables you to serve your ads to this known audience group anywhere on the web.


Broad vs. Specific Audiences - Best Practice

We recommend that users begin with broad audiences to get scale and establish a benchmark for performance. Then move to specific audiences within a broad audience group to target a more precise audience group. Then optimize your campaign between scale and performance.

If you wish some more insight or advice on how to plan your strategy, you can either contact Client Services or have a look into our Platform Guide:

"Best Practice for Traders"



Grapeshot categorize the following languages:

English, Chinese (simplified),  Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese



$ 0.45 cpm  regardless of the number of segments used per strategy, we think you'll find this considerably better value than other audience providers!


Managed Service

Grapeshot offers a full client management service to help you get the best results on MediaMath. We can also build your specific audience segment to meet particular campaign requirements.


Request User Access

Access to the Grapeshot UI allows users to view segment keywords, pull URL matches for full transparency, import/export keywords, access bookmarlet tool, and to begin building custom segments. T1 access is limited in that it is read-only so Grapeshot must ultimately approve and surface custom audiences to T1. Grapeshot has a full team of dedicated keyword experts that give all custom audiences final approval. Users have the option to leave custom audience building to our team but they are still offered the transparency of viewing full keyword lists, URL matches, etc.

  • Registration: Register both your Organization and Agency for the Grapeshot App through OPEN
  • Campaign Submission: Send your campaign information to your Grapeshot Account Manager
  • Targeting: Target your unique segment ID through the T1 platform


Contact Client Services

Remember that the Client Services Team in London and New York are always available for further advice or assistance on which channels are the best ones for your advertiser.






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