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130 million tech enthusiasts ready to engage with your brand.



The fastest growing mobile ad network.

100 Million Monthly Mobile Impressions


Reach your audience across Enterprise, Tech Enthusiast and Gaming Channels through web-based and in-app mobile opportunities.


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• Video Expandable
• Expandable
• Interstitials
• Product Carousel
• Store Locators

• Lead Generation
• Landing Pages
• WAP Sites
• and more…



Our targeted video syndication network is the market leader.

Engage With Your Target Audience.

Video combines the story-telling power of TV with the digital ability to target audiences and measure engagement.

Our video content is created by respected IDG brands such as CIO, Computerworld and IDG News Services.

Video is then distributed over our network of 500+ sites in a custom video player to an audience of highly engaged technology enthusiasts.

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• Pre-roll
• Branded Players
• Video Content Syndication
• Custom Rich Media Video Units

Reaching more than 130 million technology buyers in 97 countries.