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Internet BillBoard a.s.


IBILLBOARD SSP is a unique marketplace as it carries the most number of impressions from premium sites amongst all the other SSPs in the market. Optional full connection to the iBILLBOARD Ad Server gives publishers unique "programmatic" possibilites and potentional byuers great visibility and reach over the entire publisher portfolio, with possibility to even outperform the premium direct campaigns.

We're cooperating with the biggest publisher networks in the main regions, gaining close to the 100% reach. Focused and estabilished with operations and supply on CEE markets, but currently expanding into other parts of Europe. The potential ad impressions exceed 5 billion / monhtly.

iBB SSP popular formats : square, double billboard, billboard/leaderboard, skyscraper

iBB SSP emmision mode : RON, ROC (category - IAB taxonomy tier 1)

iBB SSP payment mode : CPM, CPC, preferred deals

iBB optimization : CTR, CPA