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IRI Data 101

IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analytics and the foresight that leads to action on behalf of more than 95% of Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail companies.

IRI’s ProScores™ for BlueKai enables media buyers to laser-focus their campaigns on verified high-propensity brand buyers.

Description of Data Types

IRI ProScores™ identifies the top spending shoppers across CPG categories, subcategories and brands for every U.S. household.   To determine each household’s spend, IRI combines its own proprietary data sources with those from trusted third parties which are then fed into a highly advanced predictive modeling engine.

Collection Methodology

IRI ProScores drives improved audience targeting across the digital landscape. The data nucleus of ProScores™ is the IRI Consumer Network ™, a national consumer panel, which is the industry standard for understanding what shoppers consume across the CPG space. IRI also layers in highly dimensional demographics from Experian to fine tune our scoring accuracy.

Years of research and a track record of more than 500+ purchase-based targeting campaigns demonstrates that using our concise representation of the spend in a CPG category, subcategory or brand improves targeting effectiveness over disparate, ever-changing individual data elements.

Use Our Data For

IRI ProScores™ helps CPG advertisers understand the market, develop smarter targeting strategies, and increase the productivity of digital marketers and their advertising investments. IRI ProScores™ can be used to target shoppers who:

  • spend a lot in your category or brand
  • spend a lot on competitive brands
  • spend a lot at specific retailers

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