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Data Provider | Brand Safety

Leiki Focus is the world’s fastest and most accurate content analysis and personalization system. It is ideal for contextual, behavioral, social and vertical targeting of brand advertisements, product catalogs, and editorial content.

Focus analyzes all forms of text into weighted content profiles of 50-200 unique categories for contextual targeting. It combines the content profiles of clickstreams into interest profiles for behavioral targeting. It combines behaviorally selected interest profiles into segmented audience profiles for social targeting and analytics. Learning is automatic, requiring no explicit preference settings, ratings, keywording or other action from the consumer, publisher or advertiser.

Office Locations

  • Leiki NA
  • Leiki Oy (HQ)
  • Leiki NA
  • 429
  • Virginia Avenue
  • San Mateo
  • CA
  • 94402
  • United States
  • Leiki Oy (HQ)
  • Pohj. Makasiinikatu
  • 7 A 4
  • Helsinki
  • 00130
  • 00130
  • Finland