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Lin Digital


Digital First

Instead of using digital as an amplification channel for content that first appeared on TV, we inverted the model. Our content begins its life on our owned and operated digital network. It is optimized to resonate with audiences using our proprietary social technology. And when it is ready for television, it has the advantage of access to Media General's owned and operated network of television channels.

Connecting Screens

A focus on context is at the heart of our platform. Our mission is to connect all the screens a consumer uses any given day at any given moment to enjoy content that matters. By providing better contextual engagement with consumers, we help advertisers deliver rich, optimized storytelling experiences.

A Media Platform

We are both a network of media channels and one of the fastest-growing publishers of original content. This platform enables better participation with consumers and a precision content development method for brands.

Engaging People

Our proprietary social technology removes the guesswork and reliance on luck that typically accompanies content development. It allows us to seed and optimize whatever we create so that audiences care about it early on and our client has a clear roadmap for further development.

Office Locations

  • 31 W. 27th St.
  • 8th Floor
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  • New York
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