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Ad Server | Exchange & SSP | Mobile


As Europe’s leading independent ad serving solution, we help our customers get the highest value for their digital media assets. Our Supply Side Platform delivers more relevant and personalized advertising experiences across different devices and screens.

We truly believe that a technology company should continue to challenge the status quo at all times. Our team strives to make improvements continuously to meet the needs of our users. Customer success drives our business.

MADS at a glance

Mobile first – we were founded in 2006 with mobile on top of our minds, long before the term ‘year of mobile’ was invented…

Proven track record – we have been in the business for a long time and served many different countries.

Personal support – real people to help you meet your challenges.

Data – collect more relevant data to enrich your user profiles.

Private RTB Market Place – to ensure brand control for both Publishers and Advertisers.

Third party compatibility – we want to be the best partner of our trusted partners.

Co-creation – we can only improve our solutions with your help.

We are a tech company - so, we can fix things quickly and easily.

Yield Management - most of our Publishers rely on us to optimise their RTB revenues. We can set up deals directly and quickly.

What we offer for DSP’s and trade desks:

  • Inventory from Premium (mobile) Publishers
  • Mobile first inventory: 75% mobile inventory (devided about 50-50 in mobile web and in-app) and 25% desktop inventory
  • PMP support , deal ID's etc
  • No hassle integration
  • Extensive creative format support

Office Locations

  • Weesperstraat 61
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Amsterdam
  • 1018 VN
  • Netherlands