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MasterCard Advisors

Data Provider

MasterCard Advisors is the professional services, data & analytics arm of MasterCard Worldwide, the global payment processor. Our insights are drawn from over 160,000,000 transactions an hour generated by over 2.2 billion MasterCard payment cards. Leveraging MasterCard audiences allows advertisers the ability to target more effectively using aggregated purchase behavior within specific categories (retail, travel, fine dining, etc.) and the ability to identify heavy, frequent and consumers highly likely to spend within all channels including Desktop, Mobile, and Social.


Note: The MC/MM direct integration went live 10/9/15. All campaigns are required to migrate to the direct feed by 11/6/15.

Office Locations

  • MasterCard Worldwide HQ
  • MasterCard Worldwide HQ
  • 2000 Purchase Street
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Purchase
  • 10577
  • United States