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Data Provider | Mobile

Mobilewalla has launched AudiencePLUS, a high scale mobile audience segment collection, and has partnered with MediaMath to make it available to digital marketers. AudiencePLUS has 150+ audience segments with more than 400 million unique, targetable devices across the United States; and 120+ audience segments comprising 600 million devices in APAC. Accessible through the T1 platform, Mobilewalla AudiencePLUS includes audience segments relevant to all major marketing verticals such as CPG, Telecommunications, Travel, Retail, Consumer Electronics and others. Mobilewalla can also create custom segments for clients with needs to target audience segments outside of the structured taxonomy offered through AudiencePLUS.

The segments available through Mobilewalla’s AudiencePLUS are directly “addressable”, meaning the devices in each segment have actual mobile Device IDs rather than the imprecise fingerprinted and/or statistical IDs commonly found in the data marketplace. When marketers plug AudiencePLUS segments into their marketing campaigns, they establish a digital connection directly to the mobile devices of their target consumers, as opposed to a “probabilistic” likelihood of reaching them.