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About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global information and media company with leading market positions and recognized brands in marketing and consumer information, site/location analytics, and media information. Nielsen has more than 90 years of experience growing businesses into industry leaders. With a presence in approximately 100 countries, we have the knowledge, the resources, and the commitment to deliver results.

Consumers have been our business, our reason for being, from the very beginning. Knowing all about them—what they watch and buy, how they think and behave—makes all the difference to you. That’s why our focus is, and has always been, giving you a complete view of your consumers and markets today, as well as those you hope to engage tomorrow. Nielsen is the home of the first syndicated segmentation system – PRIZM® – a standard for sorting the population into similar groups by behavior and attributes so businesses can act on the information.

Throughout its history leading market research, Nielsen Segmentation & Local Market Solutions has added core competencies to dramatically expand its vision and scope. Today, we are the premier market research and site analytics provider of marketing information resources and solutions for companies engaged in consumer and business-to-business marketing. We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize their profitability by focusing on specific and measurable marketing programs, with technology, data, segmentation, and site-selection solutions.

With offices throughout the United States, Nielsen Segmentation & Local Market Solutions (SLMS) represents nearly 5,000 clients within the automotive, financial services, media, advertising, retail, real estate, restaurant, telecommunications, government and energy/utilities industries, many of which are major Fortune 500 companies.

About Nielsen PRIZM Digital

Previously anonymous website visitors now become identifiable audiences. This solution allows advertisers and publishers to access rich, predictive consumer information and complement their site-based ad buys with campaigns that reach specifichigh value audiences.

Precise focus and messaging to specific audiences increases the success and performance of online marketing campaigns. Using Nielsen PRIZM segmentation system—which assigns every American household into one of 66 segments based on demographics, lifestyles, shopping patterns and media preferences—Nielsen PRIZM Digital maximizes the efficiency of every campaign.

We assign consumers to PRIZM® segments based on household address, providing a granular audience reach for marketers who require a high level of accuracy. Rather than sending the same ad to everyone in a ZIP Code or Nielsen DMA - Designated Market Area, marketers send their ads anonymously to the individual households most interested in their specific product or service.

PRIZM segments predict the likelihood of any household to engage in thousands of lifestyle and purchase behaviors, down to the brand level. That means an advertiser does not have to trust broad in-market or category groups, but can reach precise audiences linked to their specific needs.

Because PRIZM segments link to lifestyle data and are packaged with consumer pictures and personas, they bring the consumer to life by creating a 360° view for an advertiser to grasp quickly and intuitively.

This application is for United States Precision Marketing ONLY!

Broaden your customer knowledge

Whether you are an advertiser, ad agency, ad network, publisher or data provider, with Nielsen PRIZM Digital, you will benefit from knowing:

  • What a consumer is likely to purchase in a wide range of retail, financial and technology categories
  • Demographics including age range, education, presence of children and other factors
  • A consumer’s likelihood to afford a specific product
  • The technology preferences of the consumer
  • Websites that a consumer is likely to visit



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