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Q division GmbH

Data Provider

Q division GmbH

  • is a German 3rd Party Data Provider
  • with data from more than 120 providers (webshops, price comparison sites, advisor sites, all close to next purchase act)
  • delivers cross-sectoral, covering 15+ sectors of economy
  • in Germany, Austria and Switzerland region only
  • exceeding 40 mill. buying intent data per month
  • 2016: data sold to more than 20 media agencies for 60 advertisers in 120 campaigns
  • 2017: Mediengruppe RTL onboarded as a minor shareholder to the company

Q division Data

  • is purely cookie-based
  • information on cookie: origin (provider), timestamp (date, time), visited homepage/category/product detail site(s) plus some technical aspects
  • always fresh and on-time
  • granular segments consisting of provider & product segments
  • 1:1, in no way changed, not multiplied, no twinning, no algorithms, no predictive behavioural, purely retargeting style
  • provided on request via push from DMP The Adex to the agency’s DSP seat
  • sold on CPM base
  • premium price (1,85 € cpm for performance campaigns on standard segments, 3,50 € cpm for branding campaigns)

Conditions of Data Usage

  • available only for advertising purpose on specifically declared and time-framed display/video campaigns
  • Q division and their data provider to give permission to advertiser & product

Office Locations

  • Q division GmbH
  • Q division GmbH
  • Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 13
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • 60594
  • Germany