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Red Pineapple Media


Red Pineapple Media – The next generation of digital advertising.

Red Pineapple Media is the first and only digital advertising company in the world to offer truly integrated multiscreen campaign distribution. Our 4-IN-ONE solution guarantees seamless content delivery across social video, pre-roll, mobile and in-game channels in any combination you require. Our unique offering allows truly effective campaign management, affording huge time and cost efficiencies and promising more reach for your media dollar. More than that, it’s the first time campaign planners have access to a helicopter view of a campaign’s on-going performance, providing uniquely genuine opportunities to make informed optimisation decisions.



With an extensive reach of over 970 million consumers around the globe, our profiling and insight intelligence combines with your campaign requirements to guarantee your content is seen by huge numbers of your target audience. And all across a range of highly relevant and contextual multiscreen touchpoints.

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