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Samba TV

Data Provider

Meet Samba TV

Samba TV bridges the gap between TV and digital. With our patented technology embedded in TVs, we are able to connect digital and TV audiences like never before.

Programmatic TV Audiences

Use TV Viewership as a targeting option in your programmatic ad campaign.

  1. Reinforce Your Message. Enhance reach and frequency by extending your TV ad campaign to digital ads.
  2. Align with TV Tentpoles. Use 2nd and 3rd screens to 'ambush' offical sponsors.
  3. Reach Cord Cutters. Reach elusive viewers of OTT shows or premium cable shows.
  4. Conquest Your Competition. Target your competitors' TV ads or shows they sponsor.

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Office Locations

  • Samba TV HQ
  • Samba TV HQ
  • Brannan St.
  • 301 Brannan St.
  • Address 2
  • San Francisco
  • 94107
  • United States