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Sekindo was established in 2007 by three programming entrepreneurs who had a vision to automate the digital landscape. Using our proprietary ad serving technology, and yield optimization, we bring high quality traffic in the most transparent way to deliver the best results to our partners.

We have 700+ strong direct publisher relationships, including top tier publishers in which our proprietary ad server is directly implemented. We typically buy first, if not very high up in the stack on our publishers using the direct demand we have. Using our proprietary SSP we also provide our inventory to 3rd party demand partners. We offer our partners native, video and display inventory from these publishers, both in desktop and in mobile.

And we are just as concerned about your image as you are. Our proprietary ad server is directly integrated with DoubleVerify's advanced brand safety tools in order to provide our partners with the cleanest digital environment. Furthermore, we constantly screen our direct publishers, and we scan our platforms, and independently verify all our media sources to ensure your brand only appears where you would want.

We provide 15+ Billion avails, from over 30 countries, across all devices and formats and serve over 200MM UU globally monthly. Each month we serve +3 Billion display ads, +1.5 Billion video ads and +200MM native ads across desktop and mobile.

Our inventory is available via the open marketplaces, PMP's & programmatic direct deals.

Please feel free to reach out through the OPEN platform or directly to to discuss deal opportunities.


Office Locations

  • Sekindo NY
  • Sekindo Tel Aviv
  • Sekindo NY
  • 622 3rd Ave
  • Address 2
  • New York
  • 10017
  • United States
  • Sekindo Tel Aviv
  • 2a Raoul Wallenberg St.
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Tel Aviv
  • 69719
  • Israel