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Data Provider

Target users better than ever before with Audiences by Skimlinks. We turn content-powered, transaction-driven data from our network of 55,000 publishers into exclusive high converting audience segments to enable more relevant, more effective campaigns for advertisers.

Since 2007, Skimlinks has been helping over 1.5 million shopping-oriented publisher websites around the world get paid commissions for the products they write about. In doing so, we capture and analyze 15 billion intent signals every day, including the products and brands people are reading about, clicking on and buying.

We then apply the complete set of intent signals from across our network to our product intelligence layer, which understands the taxonomy and metadata of 100 million product references and links in real-time to create high-converting audience segments. Audiences by Skimlinks enables advertisers to reach new audiences across the web based on their true research and shopping behavior.

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