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Skylads develops Artificial Intelligence-based software for programmatic media buying. Skylads’ automation & optimization tools enable more efficient and better performing advertising campaigns for leaders in the digital marketplace. Helping trading desks and agencies worldwide scale and improve results of their campaigns, Skylads is paving the way in today’s progressive media buying age.

Skylads’ Skott Products Suite helps you achieve better operational efficiency and significantly stronger performance. The Skott software plugs directly into MediaMath’s T1 OS, automating the setup and management of campaigns on your DSP, saving time and allowing for more compalex and granular campaigns to be seamlessly created and managed. Skylads acts as a layer on top of MediaMath and does not replace nor require additional installations apart from MediaMath's own. The tools connect directly (just like a plug-in) to your T1 account, granting full control and visibility to all activities.

Skylads technology covers the campaign management process from beginning to end: save time on your campaign setup, modify campaigns in extreme parameters, and reach incredible results.


Skott Products Suite:

  • Skott Gateway; automation software: 
    essentially lifts the campaign off the ground, allowing you to seamlessly connect 3rd party data inputs & systems with MediaMath T1 to automate the setup of campaigns and strategies. With Skott Gateway, no campaign is too complex to be created and you can save in average 5 hours a day per trader on basic tasks & execution.
  •; optimization software: 
    improves results of the campaigns thanks to Machine Learning optimization algorithms. works in partnership with The Brain of MediaMath. While The Brain takes the front run and enters the auction process, works beforehand - it analyzes the perfromance on both strategy and campaign level and assists The Brain in chosing the right bid. The way works is like a financial portfolio manager: it dynamically optimizes the budget breakdown to meet the equilibrium of opportunity and optimal campaign performance.
  • Skott 360; Platform as a Service in the cloud:
    gives you access to a range of tools going from reporting & analytics to smart alerts on campaign performance. Skott 360 offers decision-making capability, combining statistical analytics with direct action features. Custom Apps can also be developed for your tailored needs.

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