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Tag Management

Drive revenue with our Marketing Data Platform


Simplify tag management processes and reduce the resources and time required to add, edit, and remove tags from sites with TagMan’s Drag & Tag Library. Hundreds of pre-built marketing and advertising technology integrations, you can modify web analytics and launch new marketing campaigns on the fly with customizable tag templates.

Extend to Mobile & Flash Apps

TagMan extends our world-class Tag Management solution to all your mobile and flash apps to give you true range and flexibility with your data collection on all devices and rich media.

Speed up your Website

See faster page loads, lower abandonment rates and increased conversions from the get-go with one, small block of code on each of your pages that loads tags optimally for speed and data collection.


TagMan places our accelerated, background loading container tag early in your page and supports 1st party cookies to track consumers who’ve opted out of 3rd Party cookies for maximum data collection and dynamic accuracy of tag loading on each page/app you choose. 


Look beyond last-click attribution to uncover the media campaigns to further invest in and the campaigns where money can be saved

TagMan’s Visual Insights Suite (VIS) lets marketers apply multiple attribution lenses to a unified view of their cross-channel, full-funnel marketing performance to reveal exactly how paid search, affiliates, display, email, social media, natural traffic and more influence a customer along the path to conversion, from the first touch-point (introduction) to middle interaction (assist) through to sale (conversion). V


About TagMan

TagMan is a leading global Tag Management System (TMS), Marketing Data, and Marketing Attribution provider. Since 2007, e-commerce professionals and digital marketers have relied on TagMan to improve website performance and to take control of marketing tags. TagMan introduced the next generation of TMS in 2013 launching the industry’s first Marketing Data Platform (MDP), providing access to TagMan’s marketing data layer collected in real-time and unified by tags. Marketers can now visualize the customer journey and path to purchase with marketing analytics dashboards to reveal the true impact of advertising spend and drive revenue through tag powered data. More than 350 enterprise websites across all major industries make TagMan their go-to partner including clients like Vodafone, Travelocity, Spotify, John Lewis, Virgin Atlantic, The Body Shop, Air New Zealand, Debenhams, DIRECTV, TiVo, and Tesco Mobile.

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