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Data Provider

About TiqIQ

TiqIQ is a live event ticket search engine that provides flexible buying and selling options.  Visitors use the search engine to find the tickets they want at the best prices across sports, music, comedy, theater, and other events.  

TiqIQ distributes ticket deals and provides original content on team, event, and ticket market trends tacross its social and display advertising network of 1,000 high affinity sports, music, and entertainment publishers.


About The Fan Network

TiqIQ’s fan network is one of the largest network of sports and music fans in the U.S.,    and these aren’t just fair-weather fans, rather people who eat, sleep and breathe their team, their city, and their bands.   TiqIQ has partnered with the leading local sports and music fan sites around the country to help bring this audience the products, services, content, and tickets they want!


The Benefits of Real Time Fan Targeting

You're reaching an entirely engaged audience of:

  • Serious fans who are currently engaged in original sports / team or music / performer content
  • Social media engaged fans 
  • Local fans in the top DMAs across the country
  • In-market fans actively searching for live event tickets and related products
  • Down-funnel shopping cart visitors


 The Fan Network Performs While Cutting Media Costs  

  •  7-10X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) across all clients
  • Low CPM & High Scalability for a highly targeted audience not available elsewhere
  • Save as much as 500% on your media costs for an audience of this value