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Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

TerminalOne Twitter App

The Twitter app lets you create tailored audiences for the Twitter Ads platform using MediaMath data. The app pushes your custom built tailored audiences - composed of existing customers and high-intent users - from TerminalOne to the Twitter ads platform so you can connect with them through campaigns executed in the Twitter Ads platform. 

Drive performance via targeted messages (e.g. Promoted Tweets) or Promoted Accounts to new or in-market customers who visited your web properties or have shown interest in your brand. Build audiences from your MediaMath pixels within the app and have them available for all future campaigns run across Twitter.

Learn more about this unique offering to MediaMath allowing you to upload your 1st and 3rd party audiences from T1 for targeting on Twitter (free for Upcast clients, fee for clients who want to buy Twitter elsewhere).

Link to T1 App:

Twitter Tailored Audience (General Referernce)


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