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United Internet Media

Premium Publisher

United Internet Media has made it possible for advertisers to fill ad space in real time since 2013. Thanks to changing media planning requirements, our many years of market experience and advances in technology, we can give you exclusive access to real time advertising platforms Appnexus and Yieldlab – allowing you to automatically manage your ad campaigns on our broad-reach, high-traffic e-mail portals GMX, WEB.DE, 1&1 as well as websites such as, and German phone directory sites.

Success through reach, frequency, technology and data quality.

We are the top AGOF marketer, with extensive reach and popular, high-traffic portals used by up to 11.16 million people per day. This puts us in a position to display your ads in a familiar environment enjoyed by your audience. Our high-quality data allows for reliable, innovative, efficient and multifaceted targeting, which translates into precise, effective programmatic advertising. We can boost your campaign performance with our accurate data, a large portfolio of selection options, and our proven technology.

Benefits of programmatic advertising at United Internet Media.

Programmatic advertising can only be effective if the factors of reach, frequency, technology, and data quality are met. As a programmatic advertising provider, United Internet Media offers the following benefits:

  • Transparency & brand safety: The ads are only placed on United Internet Media’s trusted broad-reach portals: WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1,, Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche and Gelbe Seiten.
  • High-quality targeting: Our unique TGP®-Targeting is available with preferred or private auction deals. This ensures that you’ll reach exactly the right audience for your products.
  • Viewability: Our RTA guarantees very good visibility – above the 50/1 standard.
  • Traffic quality: Our high-quality portals are high-traffic hubs, with bots making up less than 1%.

Office Locations

  • United Internet Media GmbH
  • United Internet Media GmbH
  • Sapporobogen 6-8
  • Address 1
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  • München
  • 80637
  • Germany