urban media GmbH

Premium Publisher

Urban Media was founded as an Online Start Up in 1996 by the Tagesspiegel Group, a Holzbrinck Publishing Company. Since then it has developed into an independent Online Marketing Firm. With its exclusive portfolio Urban Media positions itself in the premium segment of German online marketers with one of its main goals being brand safety. Next to the internal portfolio (tagesspiegel.de, pnn.de) Urban Media markets a selection of external websites such as cicero.de and monopol-magazin.de. Urban Media is also the proud marketer of “independent” websites like doodle.com, bvg.de and klicktel.de.

Office Locations

  • urban media GmbH
  • urban media GmbH
  • Askanischer Platz 3
  • Address 2
  • Berlin
  • 10963
  • Germany