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Video | Mobile

Vidcoin - Mobile Video Technology

Thanks to the development of its own asynchronous ad serving system, Vidcoin has been one of the first european AdTech to offer Zero-latency technology through programmatic media buying.

It guarantees to advertisers that their HD mobile video ads will be launched instantly and without any latency, regardless of connection quality.

It also responds to Premium Publishers’ challenges regarding slow loading ads.


Associated with Value Exchange format, one of the most efficient available format on the market according to a recent MMA study, Vidcoin’s technology outperforms the average market metrics with a completion rate of above 90% on 30 second video ads.



  • Founded in 2013

  • Present on more than 120 apps & mobile websites

  • Campaigns delivered in more than 35 countries worldwide

  • More than 5000 campaigns delivered

  • Reach over 13 millions unique users per month

  • 200 Million daily server requests