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Viki, a play on the words video and wiki, is a global TV site powered by a volunteer community of avid fans. Launched in December 2010, Viki now has tens of millions of users every month watching and sharing TV shows, movies, music videos and other premium content from around the world, translated into more than 160 languages. With over 2 billion video streams and more than 400 million words translated to date, Viki uniquely brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners. Viki is the first and fastest platform for real-time subtitling and sharing of video -- from Korean and Turkish dramas to Japanese Anime and music videos.

Office Locations

  • Viki Singapore Office
  • Viki Singapore Office
  • Block 59 Mohamed Sultan Road 04-08
  • 238999
  • Singapore