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Xapads Media Pvt Ltd


Xapads Media is one of the world’s fastest growing digital advertising network; serving our clients in fields of display advertisements with RTB, non-RTB and media buying capabilities.     


Our company works mostly with CPC, CPM models with an aim to have highest quality traffic at competitive Price. We make it easy for advertisers to scale up their budget spend across the better performing media placements by managing and optimising the campaigns in real time to successfully deliver against client’s key performance indicators. 


We use standard IAB ad units in addition to interactive banners, which lead to higher user engagement. With highest in industry CTR, and conversion rates, our campaigns are a lot more effective than competition.


Right now we are working with some of the industry’s prestige advertisers with also having a large base of exclusive publishers. 


Through our professional approach to marketing, proprietary technology and emphasis on outstanding service, we ensure your ads is delivered to the target audiences. We believe that our company would coincide with your interest in business related to digital marketing makes 


Our company a great investment for you.

Office Locations

  • Xapads Media Pvt Ltd
  • Xapads Media Pvt Ltd
  • G-52, Sec-6,
  • Noida, UP, India
  • Address 2
  • Noida
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