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Yieldlab AG

Exchange & SSP | Video | Premium Publisher

Yieldlab is the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) and Solution for open auction and private marketplaces within Europe’s premium publishing industry. Our technology allows publishers to monetise their entire media inventory across all channels on one interface, automated and in real-time. 

Yieldlab connects hundreds of millions of Internet users of Europe's strongest media brands with top advertising clients worldwide. Premium publishers trust Yieldlab on the topic programmatic advertising and yield optimisation – as an advertiser, you benefit from that too. Because the purchasing platforms connected to Yieldlab YRD have access to numerous, high-quality environments with content – and thereby a broad portfolio of premium inventory. Take advantage of this increase in efficiency and use it to manage your campaigns of all formats in a brand safe and central manner across all channels.

Office Locations

  • Hamburg
  • Hamburg
  • Colonnaden 41
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  • Hamburg
  • 20354
  • Germany