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33Across introduced the first publisher monetization platform to guarantee quality through ads that are 100 percent in-view with a pre-bid fraud filter.

Through our advanced technology and insight into how people view, consume and share content across devices, we enable more than one million publishers to increase revenue and traffic. The 33Across traffic building, insights and monetization tools allow publishers to do what they do best — create great content.

Available products with 33Across: 

Real Impact inventory
- 100% in-view placements across direct publisher partners 
- Available for all standard IAB sizes (no creative lift necessary) across desktop, tablet, & mobile

Real Display Pro inventory
- Standard IAB inventory accessing our direct publisher partner network
- Proprietary 33Across technology scans page upon load & will only serve an ad if placements are scored between 50%-100% in-view 

Real Video
- High viewability video placements
- Outstream, instream, interstitial placements across desktop & mobile 

- Proprietary 1st party data segments 
- Branded data developed through proprietary signals of copy & paste social sharing/activity, search keywords, outbound copies, & content consumption from our 1M+ publisher partners. 

Curated PMPs 
- Inventory + data segments (sending relevant audience bid requests)

Please contact 33Across through the OPEN platform or send an email to for more information & deal creation. 

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