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Dansk Udgivernetværk


Dansk Udgivernetværk (DUN) represents the alliance of some of the largest publishers in Denmark and a combined reach of 64% of the Danish Internet population.
The ambition is to bring together all major publishers in the market to be able to offer advertisers advanced and unique 1st party audience data as well as a wide reach within a premium and brand safe environment.

DUN’s inventory is available through Rubicon, where advertisers and agencies can target DUN in various ways. To bid on DUN's inventory, use the url or one of the content urls below. 

Inventory is also available in Private Marketplaces through Rubicon's Revvconnect platform. Here you will find data enriched packages and have the possibility of submitting proposals on custom-made packages. 
The inventory is connected to data in DUN’s DMP (Krux Digital) and makes DUN able to create inventory packages based on 1st party data from DUN’s publishers as well as client data. These are targetable via Deal ID.



Office Locations

  • Dansk Udgivernetværk
  • Dansk Udgivernetværk
  • Vestergade
  • 22G
  • 1785
  • Denmark