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The way people behave in the real world can reveal more about their needs and desires than online browsing behavior alone.  But targeting is only as good the data it’s based on…

Factual’s Geopulse product suite lets you target based on people’s real world behavior and real time location -- using the best data available in mobile marketing.



Reach the right consumers, with location data you can trust. Geopulse Audience lets you target ads to groups of people based on how they behave in the real world.

  • Design your own highly-customized Audiences based on nuanced behaviors -- including recency, frequency, and behavioral patterns (like drives to work) -- using Factual’s managed serivice. Reach out to to get started. 

  • Select from Factual’s Geopulse Audiences—a collection of 500+ ready-to-use audiences designed by our location experts and available in MediaMath TerminalOne.



Geopulse Proximity allows you to reach mobile device users based on where they are in real time. Build either point-radius or polygon geofences -- enhanced with our proprietary Place Attachment technology. Proximity geofences are readily avilable for creation in the Factual app, "Geofence Manager" in TerminalOne. 


Factual’s Geopulse product suite is powered by Factual’s first party data and proprietary technology:  

  • Our Location Validation Stack helps ensure that mobile user location data is accurate and precise. (Learn more at:

  • Our first party Global Places data, which includes over 100 million locations across 52 countries, provides the context needed to turn location data into actionable, high-performing audiences.

  • Factual’s Observation Graph technology analyzes trillions of observations from mobile device users, yielding unique contextual understanding of their real world behavior.

  • Factual’s Place Attachment technology looks at numerous data signals (including hours of operation, business category, place popularity, and business density) to infer context, and determine if a user is at a specific place. It’s 33% more accurate than point-radius and 25% more effective than polygons at determining where mobile device users really are.



Factual’s Strategy Team is always ready to help with planning and targeting recommendations at no additional cost. Reach out to any time.

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