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Data Provider | Mobile

Factual is a neutral data company with the mission of making data accessible to anyone who needs it. In mobile advertising, we provide high quality location data and location based ad targeting solutions to enable advertisers around the world to meet their unique campaign goals. Our Geopulse products provide incredibly flexible and sophisticated location based targeting, powered by Factual’s Observation Graph and best in class Global Places data.

Factual's Global Place Data:

Factual's Global Places data is the most comprehensive local business and point of interest data available.  It contains over 90 million places in 50 countries, and is used by leading mobile applications. Our location valudation stack processes approximately 600 billion data points monthly to help ensure our Global Places data is reliable and keeping up with the constant changes as businesses open, close and move. 

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Office Locations

  • Factual LA HQ
  • Factual LA HQ
  • 1999 Avenue of the Stars
  • Floor 35
  • Address 2
  • Los Angeles
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  • United States