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Data Provider

People-based marketing is personal, and it’s only effective if it’s relevant to the individual. Merkle's own DataSource™ solution enables a complete 360 degree view of consumers that informs marketing decisions. Campaigns can be won or lost the moment the audience is purchased, based on the quality, specificity, price, and reach of the data. Merkle’s DataSource is optimized for audience definition and profitability, with a connected approach across your campaigns.

Merkle’s prebuilt digital segments offer advertisers an analytically led, unbiased solution based on the most valuable data available in the market.

Agnostic Approach - Merkle follows an objective and unbiased approach to data assets sourcing data from industry-leading partners across all verticals.

Advanced Analytics – We run the data through our proprietary Data Optimization Lab for evaluation and only use the data that is the most valuable and predictive.

Rigorous Data Quality – Data is our most important asset. We make it our top priority to maintain an accurate database.

Multi-Channel Expertise – Our data methodology and analytics expertise extends across multiple channels and industries.

Our 500+ existing segments leverage offline data profiles and translate them into an online environment so you can target the right audiences, the right way. Our segments cover demographics, wealth, lifestyle, auto and seasonal interests.

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