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News Distribution Network


NDN powers the "new newsroom" with all direct-from-television, premium news video content on both desktop and mobile.  We license and syndicate/distribute this broadcast television video in real-time to every professional news publisher in the US.  
NDN has licensing agreement for all late-breaking video as it airs from television (CBS News, AP, Reuters, AFP, Fox Sports, Forbes, Kiplinger, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Food Network, Fuse, Cooking Channel, Weather Channel, etc.)  
We then have agreement in place with all 4,500+ AP member and associate member publishers so that they can grab-n-go with our video technology and premium breaking news video clips.  These publishers include the likes of NY Post, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report, Rasmussen Reports, Forbes, L.A. Times, Dallas Morning News, etc.
Again, this all achieved within our proprietary video players so that NDN has control over the premium content flowing through, what professional site it is embedded on, and the preroll advertising that precedes every single video clip.

As of March 2014, NDN is the 5th largest video property on the web with over 51 million total unique viewers. NDN currently powers video on 43 of the top 50 U.S. news sites. And NDN is now the consistently ranking in the top 10 (comScore) and reaches a 100% premium content news-consuming audience.  Our average video view is 8 minutes in length and we only serve one preroll prior to that view.


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