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Data:  Our unprecedented 1:1 mobile programmatic solution solves a major market need by enabling advertisers – for the first time – to use sophisticated mobile audience intelligence and targeting for their programmatic buys.  Marrying our audience intelligence data – used to create our user profiles – with the industry’s top programmatic platforms offers marketers true scale along with the highest level of accuracy and precision in their campaigns. We radically change the game for media buyers, marketers and agencies by giving them the ability to target the same audience based on the same data from both direct and programmatic channels – enabling execution of more.

NinthDecimal ships 120 standard segments and will create custom segments on-demand.  

Measurement:  NinthDecimal’s LCI™ is the industry standard for measuring offline attribution. Our proprietary solution measures consumers’ physical world behaviors such as incremental lift in store visits directly attributed to a marketing campaign ­ mobile, cross-device, TV, etc. By connecting physical & digital world behaviors, LCI™ is the first omni-channel measurement solution that goes beyond traditional metrics like ad engagement & click-through rates to provide the most accurate campaign ROI, as well as unique insights that enable marketers to have a deeper understanding of consumers and how to engage them throughout their path-to-purchase.

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