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Patch Media



“I saw it on the Patch!”

Patch is a national news network of 905 hyperlocal websites covering primarily affluent suburban towns across America. Known as “The Patch” in its towns, Patch strengthens communities by giving individuals, organizations and businesses both local news and a way to connect. While local newspapers have died in towns, Patch has thrived, gaining 50% in traffic in the last six months through quality reporting and brand commitment to creating a safe place on the internet for community conversation. Advertisers value Patch for its national-local footprint, its trusted voice, and its deep penetration in its communities. If it happens in a Patch town, you will read and talk about it on the Patch!

Value Proposition for your Advertisers

  • 77% average implied penetration (# of UVs in town divided by town population)

  • Patch posts a new piece of content every 17 seconds

  • 41.9% of the patch audience makes over $100,000 annually

  • Patch offers the ability for small, medium or large national businesses to target by town, region or state against hyperlocal content. We have a network of over 900 town sites that reach a passionate audience made up of affluent, educated, spending readers. Our readers use our site for news and information but also to connect with their neighbors.

  • 40MM+ pageviews per month, 13MM+ UVs

  • 2.3MM daily newsletters with a 28% open rate 

Topics Include: 


Real Estate


Breaking news

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Office Locations

  • Patch Headquarters
  • Patch Headquarters
  • 675 Avenue of the Americas
  • 3rd Floor
  • 10010
  • United States