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Data Provider | Attribution

TruSignal is a leader in predictive score marketing: using offline data and our predictive scoring platform to build custom, people-based audiences for brands. Our on-demand predictive scoring platform combines first-party data with our powerful offline profile data to score 220 million U.S. adults and determine which people to target and which people to avoid. 

Our people-based audiences link to verified consumer profiles to target real people, accelerate efficiencies and find people you are missing today.

Select a solution that’s right for you:

  • Custom-Built Audiences for Brands: Our predictive scores drive value at every engagement stage: branding, prospecting and direct response. For bottom funnel and direct response campaigns, our audience filtering solution reduces wasted media dollars and boosts efficiencies of your existing campaigns by identifying and removing non-converters from your targeting. Moving up the funnel, our prospecting solutions find great new consumers you’re missing today. We also accelerate efficiency for branding initiatives by pinpointing the right people for your brand.
  • Pre-Built Audiences for Platforms & Agencies: Our Specialized Audiences are pre-built, industry-specific audiences that are ready-to-go in MediaMath right now. Select the BlueKai DMP, then Branded Data, then TruSignal to find:
    • Existing Auto Owners: 187 million auto owners, accounting for 70% of vehicles on the road today.
    • Near Market Auto Buyers: using predictive scoring and our existing auto owner data, we identify who are the best consumers for the more than 300 make, model and body style combinations.
    • Business Data: more than 90 million business contacts across small, medium and large companies, covering more than 97% of all U.S. companies.
    • Actual Voter and Political Donor Data: 160 million voter records, covering registered party voters, unregistered and absentee voters and political donors. We use actual voter data to create predictive audiences for swing voters and likely donors. Only available for political purposes.
    • Financial Services: From estimated financial health and estimated income to insurance and credit cards. These audiences use predictive scoring to identify the best prospects.
    • Pre-built predictive audiences based on actual data attributes and our predictive scoring methodology, which calculates a score for 220 million adults and finds consumers likely to convert.
    • For a comprehensive list, visit our Buyers’ Guide at:

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