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Exchange & SSP | Mobile

Zenovia is a top 5 global display exchange. Our technology and infrastructure enables buyers to get maximum efficiency from their display media investment.

  • ~15 B daily fraud-filtered impressions
  • Supply Differentiation: In addition to our integrations with SSPs and exchanges, we offer access to new supply sources from mid-to-long tail publishers and networks that would ordinarily not have access to the technologies needed to expose their inventory to RTB while meeting brand safety standards.
  • Fraud filtered Impressions: All Zenovia inventory is fraud-filtered by our patent-pending Velvet Rope technology. Our technology cleans all impressions of fraudulent traffic, non-human traffic (NHT) and a host of other sources that cause wasted budget. 
  • Faster transaction execution times via our superior networking infrastructure. The result is reduced ad latency and fewer time-outs. 

Office Locations

  • Atlanta
  • New York City
  • Atlanta
  • 3130 Golf Ridge Boulevard
  • Suite # 110
  • Douglasville, GA
  • 30135
  • United States
  • New York City
  • 595 Madison Avenue
  • Suite 1101
  • 10022
  • United States